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How to care for your flowers?

We all want the flowers to last as long as possible – here are a few tips….

  • Ensure the flowers are put into really clean vase or bucket. Any bacteria in the containers will shorten the life of the flowers.
  • Before you put the flowers into a vase cut the bottom centimetre off the base of the stem at 45 degree angle to allow the optimum water uptake.
  • Remove any foliage which will be in the water.
  • To reduce any bacteria build up replace the water in the vase every two days.
  • Keep the flowers in the cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from radiators.
  • Keep your flowers away from bowls of fruit
  • Some varieties of flowers go over earlier than others – remove any flowers which are looking tired to keep the arrangement looking lovely and fresh.

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What flowers will be available?

The flowers change with the season and will be different each month from April to October. For example:

  • Spring flowers – The excitement of the year begins with …. luxury double tulips, ranunculus, anenome,  narcissi, sweet rocket
  • Summer flowers – A riot of colour and a wide variety of flowers and foliage – foxgloves, cosmos, snapdragons, cornflowers, dahlias
  • Autumn flowers – Richer tones as  the autumn draws in  with dahlias, zinnia, strawflowers, chrysanthemums

I aim to provide the majority of flowers from my own flower plot but also work collaboratively with other British growers to meet your requirements or specific requests.

Obviously I will do my best to meet every order but we may be subject to the weather.  I work together with other local growers and between us we will aim to meet your  orders.  If I am unable to meet your order for what ever reason I will let you know with as much advance warning as possible.



HAZARDOUS PLANT MATERIAL WARNING. A wide variety of flowers and foliage are grown – some plants or foliage may be harmful or poisonous.  I do not identify any as suitable for eating or for cake decoration. Please keep flowers away from children or animals. On accepting the order, you take responsibility for appropriately handling and managing the flowers.

Take care when handling flowers as some pollen can stain. Use a protective mat if the flower arrangement is placed on furniture or polished surfaces that may become water damaged or pollen stained.

If for any reason beyond my control I am not able to or allowed to provide the flowers for you e.g.  COVID restrictions, adverse weather conditions, illness etc. If allowed, I will do everything practical and possible to source flowers from alternative sources within the finite resources I have available.

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COVID compliance

We aim to meet all the government compliance requirements with regards to COVID

  • Picking and preparing the flowers. My hands are carefully washed before any flowers are picked and again before any bouquets or buckets of flowers are prepared.
  • My flower preparation bench, floristry clippers, scissors and flower buckets are regularly sterilised.
  • On receipt of the flowers I still recommend that customers wash their hands (as with any other delivery/ collection)
  • If you are not feeling well please do not come to pick up your flowers.

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Photographs of flowers

I aim to take as many photographs as possible for marketing purposes. Photographs of the flowers growing and of the buckets, bouquets and any flower arrangements I make. If there is any reason you do not want me to use the photographs of your flowers  – please let me know in advance.

Photograph – close up of the beautiful centre of an anenome


Your information will not be shared or sold.

I collect the information from you when you place an order, or information you provide us for example at events. The information is held so we can liaise with you and can provide the services you have requested from us.

I will only use information to make contact with you for the following reasons;

  • routine communication related to seasonal flowers or a specific offer
  • to provide information about relevant future events which may be of interest
  • to provide a newsletter or flower availability list

You will always have the right to opt out from any communications, and I will no longer contact you.

Contact details will be reviewed occasionally and I will delete the information if it is no longer relevant to the business.

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Refund policy

Ruth would never want anyone to be unhappy with the flowers they receive. Please let me know immediately if there are any issues.

With the vagaries of the British weather I can never guarantee exact varieties or exact colours for flowers at any one time.

Flowers are a living product. In normal circumstances fresh flower bouquets would be expected to last a minimum of 5 days in a vase.  Event flowers would be expected to last in good condition for the event they were bought for.

The condition of flowers and foliage will be reduced if left in hot or exposed conditions e.g. sunny windowsill, near a hot radiator. If this is not the case and the quality of the flowers have not met my expectations, please let me know immediately, and I will then refund or replace the flowers.


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