To order  flowers  – it’s easy

Just  email me  or give me a ring  07747 146209 and let me know what you would like.

All flowers are picked to order to ensure they are in perfect condition for you. The flowers are picked in the evening or early morning in the cool of the day before conditioning and making up the bouquets. Please order 24 hours in advance.



Deliveries during ‘lockdown’

I am following guidelines on social distancing during COVID 19 lockdown to keep us all safe.  During this period  I can provide limited local deliveries of flowers so you can stay safe at home.

Flowers will be placed on the doorstep after ringing the bell / knocking on the door. I will step well back while the flowers are picked up.

Minimum order £25  for deliveries.



english flowers subscription

Payment Options

It can be quick and easy. You can pay by Bank transfer or credit or debit card – once the order has been received I will email you an invoice with all the payment options.

Payment before delivery please – thank you.


Any questions?

Contact me

Tel: Ruth 07747 146209    |    Email:    |    Address: Oversley Green, Alcester, Warwickshire