Flowers during COVID 19 lockdown

spring bouquet

Flower delivery during COVID 19 lockdown

My flowers are blooming even with the sad situation many people are facing. Just to let you know my preparations so I can safely deliver flowers to your doorstep and bring a little happiness.

I am following guidelines on social distancing during COVID 19 lockdown to keep us all safe.  During this ‘lockdown‘ period I can provide limited local deliveries of flowers (bouquets or buckets of flowers) so you can stay safe at home.

  • I shall be picking and preparing the flowers carefully. Please note, I am the only person picking and preparing the flowers. My hands are carefully washed before any flowers are picked and again before any bouquets or buckets of flowers are prepared.
  • Each day my flower preparation bench, floristry clippers, scissors and flower buckets are sterilised.
  • Delivering flowers: the flowers will be placed on the doorstep before I ring the bell / knocking on the door. I will step well back while the flowers are picked up.
  • On receipt of the flowers I still recommend that customers wash their hands as with any other delivery.

I look forward to sharing the pleasure of flowers and allowing people to stay safe at home in these difficult times.

Stay safe.  Ruth

(20th April 2020)

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