Flower Arrangers

flowers for flower arrangers

Buckets of flowers for flower arrangers

Seasonal flowers and foliage carefully selected from the flower plot so the colours and textures all look lovely together. Order by the bucket of flowers.

The flowers are picked to order and will be conditioned and ready for you to use. Just bring your own buckets for the flowers to be transferred into.

Flowers are available from late spring to early autumn.

To order just drop me an email ruth@oversleyflowers.co.uk  give me a ring 07747 146209 or DM me via Instagram or Facebook.

If you need extra flowers, foliage or dried flowers for church festivals, weddings, christenings, or special events  I will be happy to help.

British flowers, locally grown in Warwickshire, not flown.

Category: Sustainable church flowers / Eco church flowers